Perfect Gift

Vivelo Voucher. A brilliant idea for a present! 

In our package, you can find a special voucher, printed on decorative, heavy paper. You can give it to a beneficiary as such. With this voucher , the beneficiary may configure a bicycle in our configurator on their own and according to their own preference. We deliver the so-configured bicycle to a given address. The person making use of the voucher may choose one of the ready-made catalogue models too.

Another type of a present is a voucher which can be bought electronically, and then given to a beneficiary. As a result of using the voucher code, the person may order a bicycle configured on their own in the configurator or choose one of the ready-made catalogue models. In the process of ordering a bicycle with the use of a voucher, the voucher code needs to be entered at the stage of finalising the order. Then, the order value will be reduced by the voucher value. A person buying a voucher decides on the voucher value on their own. The value can cover only a part of the bicycle price (the remainder of the price needs to paid according to the payment form chosen in the process of ordering the bicycle ) or the total value of the bicycle (then the balance to be paid is USD 0).