Male bicycles - comparison of models here

Are you planning on buying a bicycle, but you do not fully know which one from our package suits your requirements and expectations the most? Below, you will find a short specification and a comparison of all models.  



To rower idealnie przystosowany zarówno do miasta jak i do terenów podmiejskich.

This is a bicycle perfectly adapted for the city, and for out-of-city trips.

When riding a Rider, the position of your body is straight, as a result of which not only is your spine relieved, but so are your wrists. A double, springy, large, very soft saddle gives even more comfort. Owing to the optimal tyre width (2.125) and specially reinforced 5-chamber rims, it has no trouble following woody, bumpy tracks and mounting kerbs.

For greater riding comfort, Rider is by default fitted with a 3-shift Shimano shift lever with a coaster-type break, which you can replace with a 7-shift Shimano shift lever also with a coaster break (for an extra fee of USD 99).

Rider consists of subassemblies from renowned companies (Shimano, Tektro, Neco, Kenda, VP) and is constructed in our workshop located in the heart of Wynwood, Miami's artistic neighbourhood. For this reason indeed, its quality is much higher than that of cheap Chinese bicycles, many of which you can come across on the market or even in your neighbouring bicycle shop. Experience our bicycles' exceptional quality firsthand.

In Rider we saw to it that each, even the smallest component, was painted with a fast and damage-resistant dry powder coating, whose colours were designed and mixed specially for us at a KABE's laboratory in Switzerland.

Both the COMSHAPE frame, and nearly all of the bicycle's subassemblies are made of aluminium, which makes that the bicycle is exceptionally lightweight (approx. 30 lb). 

The bicycle's default fittings feature all you need: reflectors, kickstand, LED front and rear lighting and a small bell.






This model features nearly all of the Rider's features: 5-chamber rims, a 3-shift Shimano shift lever with a coaster break (which may optionally be replaced with 7-shift Shimano shift lever with a coaster break), a COMSHAPE frame and nearly all of the subassemblies of aluminium. It is all sprayed and exceptionally lightweight (approx. 31 lb). It consists of subassemblies from renowned companies and is exceptionally comfortable. In Rider X, we got rid of mudguards and replaced typical tyres (2.125) with more massive (3-inch) ones , by which Rider X has become rebellious in nature. Additionally, your Rider X can easily and quickly be converted into a Rider whenever you want! It's up to you!

The bicycle's default fittings feature all you need: reflectors, kickstand, LED front and rear lighting and a small bell.




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