Fast delivery, free return

We are glad that to the quality and comfort of our bicycles we can add buying convenience and safety owing to quick delivery and free-of-charge return options.

You can't pick up your bicycle personally? No worries. Just give the right address and we will deliver it on the USA's continental part as soon as possible. As a rule, it takes no longer than seven (7) working days. Owing to this, you will save your time and money, and your bicycle will be delivered to you assembled in 85%, properly protected and packed in our company carton.

For an extra fee, you may also order a fully assembled bicycle, which you will be able to pick up at your nearest bicycle shop ready to ride or which will be delivered by a shop employee directly at your doors (depending on the option chosen).

If you are afraid of buying a bicycle for any reason (e.g. whether or not the bicycle will be too small, or too big, or you are worried whether the quality is high enough), and the bicycle has not been used, you may return it to us at our expense. 

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