New frame Comshape is now available.

Models for the season 2019 will be built on a new frame Comshape.

Are details important to you?

   Do you know what it is like when you get on a bike to have a simple, small ride, but after overcoming miles you can not and do not want to stop? You feel the exceptional comfort, convenience, real pleasure and joy of riding unobtainable for "ordinary" bikes, and often even for quite similar ones. It is thanks to Vivelo engineers whom designed the unique COMSHAPE frame, you can feel the difference that mark out our bikes from the other available on the market. When designing our unique frame, we paid particular attention to the perfectly selected angles of the inclination of pipes, their length, position of a body, hands and even feet on the pedals so that the position on the bike will be perfect and the feeling of comfort even greater. We are pleased to announce that all bikes for the 2019 season will be built on the new Comshape frame.

Find out by yourself that details are important to Vivelo as well.


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